Custom Engineering


EM4 manufactures a range of standard fiber coupled products that includes high power DFB’s; single and multimode pump lasers; Acousto Optic Modulators and high speed detectors.  Our core design, engineering and manufacturing skills used in these products are often applied to custom products or manufacture. Please contact us to discuss in ore detail.



Scope of Engineering

  • Optical and electro-optical
  • Mechanical, thermal, electronic & RF engineering
  • Precision sub micron alignment and laser welding
  • Hermetic sealing
  • Qualification to space, avionic, Mil Spec and Telecordia standard

Scope of Customization

  • Variants of standard products
  • Adaptation of standard products
  • Unique product designs
  • Product or opto-electronic integration
  • Contract Manufacturing

Scope of Applications

  • Defense (terrestrial, naval, avionic, space)
  • ITAR registered
  • Industrial
  • Scientific


Scope of Economics

  • Design only, desktop studies
  • Prototype manufacture and evaluation
  • Pre-production manufacturing
  • Volume manufacturing to 20000 pieces per month